Thursday, October 23

World Youth Results

(Vung Tau lies on the coast of the South China Sea. Photo from German club website.)

The World Youth Chess Festival in Vung Tau, Vietnam invites only the best of the best from around the world. Anyone who holds their head high among this competition is a champion, even if they don't finish in the top three.

Northern California's three champions have not had it easy so far. FM Sam Shankland drew with a Grandmaster yesterday in U18, but lost to an equally strong International Master today. Still, his overall performance rating remains above the IM norm threshold. Proving that lightning doesn't strike twice, FM Danya Naroditsky has uncharacteristically struggled in U14 with two draws and a loss. Last but not least, Alisha Chawla plays the hardest event of her young life in Girls U8, but she is on the scoreboard with a win.

Results updated for round 6 on Friday morning. Danya is back on track after a rough start. Alisha won her second game. The next round is on Sunday.

I update the daily results below. Check out the games from rounds 1-5 at

Round 5:
  • Sam lost to IM Ivan Saric (2516) of Croatia
  • Danya beat UNR from Finland
  • Alisha lost to UNR from Vietnam
Round 6:
  • Sam lost to 2377 from Russia
  • Danya beat 2132 from Azerbaijan
  • Alisha beat UNR from Kenya
Standings after round 6:
  • FM Sam Shankland has 3.5/6, 21st place, 2410 performance
  • FM Danya Naroditsky has 4.0, tied for 10th place
  • Alisha Chawla has 2.0
Unfortunately, the playing conditions remain poor due to the tropical heat without fans, air conditioning or other means of ventilation. Danya's father, Dr. Vladimir Naroditsky collected testimonials from parents over the past two days for this summary:
  • "Yesterday was very hot, my daughter said she had a headache. I felt the same way, I do not think the air conditioner was on. A lot of kids felt exhausted. I think we should complain about it."
  • "The accounts are consistent with no air conditioning and all doors and windows to the arena open. I do not know the exact temperature but my wife and I are sweating just sitting in our seats watching the chess."
  • "I have the same sentiment regarding the playing hall. The air condition is not working and not enough ventilation. I think this is unacceptable playing condition for our kids."
  • "The playing conditions today were horrible, as it was too hot. There were no fans or AC. The rest rooms are below standard. The day got particularly tougher as there were two rounds today. If the organizers can arrange for some fans at least, that may be good."
  • "I do not know how high the temperature is, but it is certainly hot and humid. I do not know what can be done; it is a big area (stadium) and is relatevely open (bad for air conditioning), but with quite bad ventilation."
  • "Yes, this is absolutely correct. We went to complain and they said that they are fixing the A/C. It's been very hot there all three days but today is definitely the worst."
Hopefully enough coaches and parents from different countries complain so that the organizers will address this problem, either by fixing the A/C or at least installing an army of fans. If the parents suffer while just sitting and waiting, then I worry about the young chess players who try their best for 4+ hour long games in this heat.

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