Monday, February 14

New York Times: One Coach, Many Young Champions

Chess Column - 2/13/11
by Dylan Loeb McClain

In the last five years, two Americans have won world youth championships: Daniel Naroditsky, who took the under-12 title in 2007, and Steven Zierk, the under-18 champion last year.

Both are from Northern California, and at one point or another, they both had the same coach,
Michael Aigner.

They are not the only chess champions who have been trained by Aigner. Others include Gregory Young, who tied for first in the 2008 United States Junior Championship, and Yian Liou, who tied for first in the
United States Cadet Championship (for players under 16) last year. He has also coached Saratoga High School to six straight California chess titles.

Aigner, 36, is a master, and he sees his role as trying to raise his students to his level, after which they often move on to stronger coaches.

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