Wednesday, May 28

Interview with World #2 Aronian

Check out a new interview with Armenian GM Levon Aronian, currently the #2 rated player in the World at 2815.  Widely known to be gregarious, he generously responds to written questions from MetroChess of Los Angeles, building up the anticipation of his visit in July as the lead instructor at their exciting summer camp.  This interview focuses on how Aronian learned chess as a junior.

Q: In your view what is the main benefit of learning chess during childhood?

A: Chess can teach a person to appreciate beauty in things that are not visibly beautiful at first sight. In chess you need to dig deep to see the true meaning of some moves. Another thing I learned from chess is patience. Before you react, you need to understand the situation.

Q: Is there any advice you can give to young developing chess players?

A: I think it’s important to be good at tactics and calculation. Those skills you can develop by yourself, and for strategy you will need an experienced guide. The best thing that Melik (Khachiyan) did for me was to force me to solve and play blindfold chess – it helped my calculation and imagination.

Click to read the entire interview or to learn about the chess camp in Glendale on July 9-13.