Thursday, October 2

Hip Hop Chess Federation on October 11 at Cow Palace

Update on Thursday evening: This event has apparently been rescheduled to February 2009. I don't know the full details, except that the change was only publicized today.

Do you like chess, martial arts or rap music?
Perhaps you like all three of these activities. In that case, check out the latest event hosted by the Hip Hop Chess Federation on October 11 at the Cow Palace just south of San Francisco. The tentative schedule for the Chess Kings Invitational 2008 includes a scholastic tournament, blindfold chess, a Jiu-Jitsu exhibition and two panel discussions. Special guests include recording artist RZA of the Wu Tang Clan and International Master turned martial arts champion Josh Waitzkin. Young Josh was a child prodigy who became the subject of the popular 1993 chess movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer". The chess activities will be organized by local gurus Alan Kirshner and Salman Azhar.

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