Sunday, June 15

Yeager 0-1 Young (Round 3)

(Black to move and win! The white monarch is not very happy on h4.)

NM Gregory Young (2213) just defeated the top seeded player in the US Junior, FM Daniel Yeager (2373), with the black pieces. The opening was a main line Leningrad Dutch with the somewhat unusual move 8.Nd5. White's king got stuck on the h-file on move 26. In the above position, Gregory played 30... Rbd1! (Rgd1 is equally good) threatening the bishop on d5 and checkmate via Rd2 and Rxh2. Seeing nothing better, white surrendered the bishop and resigned ten moves later. Click here to play through the entire game.

The California kid now has 2-0 plus a bye. Gregory gets black against Sawyer tonight and white versus Hughes tomorrow morning to complete the first half of the double round-robin.

US Junior after Round 3: Gregory Young 2.0/2, Tyler Hughes 2.0/3, Bradley Sawyer 1.0/2, Daniel Yeager 1.0/3, Edward Lu 0.0/2

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