Friday, June 6

Poker Stars

Does anyone recognize this poker pro? It is Eric Hicks, webmaster for and trainer of young star Nicholas Nip. Sadly, he has spurned the educational world of chess for the big bucks of poker, preferring royal flushes over royal forks. He is just the latest chess player to switch games for the money (e.g. GM Walter Browne and Ricky Grijalva). On June 3, Eric won $41,295 for 14th place at a 3,900 player tournament. While the big National Open chess tournament takes place this weekend at The Riviera in Las Vegas, Eric will be across town playing in the World Series of Poker at The Rio. Too bad!


Unknown said...

CalChess website is in a mess and Nicholas Nip hasn't played chess since March Matches (not to be confused with NCAA March Madness :)).


Alex said...

Why the false dichotomy? It doesn't have to be chess or poker, it can be both. For example, even GM Morozevich is both a poker player and elite chess player. With that said, I much prefer chess both as fun and as a challenge.