Thursday, June 5

June Top 100 Lists

Newcomers to the USCF Top 100 lists: Brian on left and DanielL on right. Do you see the similarity in the look on their faces?

As I posted on this blog last week, the June USCF Top 100 lists were released. The CalChess presence on these national lists keep growing, as judged by the Magnificent Seven who placed in the top 5 of the nation for their age. Kudos to gold medalists Tanuj Vasudeva, Nicholas Nip, Yian Liou, Daniel Naroditsky, Gregory Young, Steven Zierk and Sam Shankland! Please check out the CalChess Top 100 for the complete rankings.

Now it is my turn to brag a little bit. Congratulations to my 23 chess students who are ranked in the top 100 of the country for their age (plus 3 new students whom I will begin teaching this summer). A special pat on the back to Brian Wai (#98 for age 14) and Daniel Liu (#63 for age 10) who are ranked for the first time and to Tyler Sypherd (#100 for age 11) for returning to the rankings after nearly a year's absence. It is both an honor and a challenge to work with this talented group of kids.
  • GOLD MEDAL (top 5): Yian Liou, #5 age 10; FM Danya Naroditsky, #1 age 12; Gregory Young, #3 age 13; Steven Zierk, #3 age 14
  • BRONZE MEDAL (top 25): James Kwok, Sam Bekker, David Chock, Alan Naroditsky, NM Daniel Schwarz
My students are well represented on the CalChess Top 20 lists as well. In fact, I am proud to be able to teach exactly half of the age 12-17 Top 20 list, including three of the top four. I presently teach four students on the U12 Top 20 list, and including my new students, five of the top nine. Keep up all of the good work to make me look good! ;-)
  • CalChess Top 20 for Age 12-17: #2 Danya, #3 Gregory, #4 Steven, #7 David, #9 Alan, #11 Jeff, #12 Evan, #15 Sam, #15 Adam and #15 Charles
  • CalChess Top 20 for Age U12: #2 Yian, #6 James, #7 Alex, #14 Aamir

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