Sunday, July 19

Photos from Agoura Hills

The top row of players are Bay Area teens while the bottom row of youngsters are still in elementary school. Two things that they all have in common: love and talent for the game of chess. They all entered in the top three sections (Open, U2100 and U1900) at the Pacific Coast Open just for the challenge and experience.
  • top row left to right: Evan Sandberg, Michael Zhong and Arthur Liou
  • bottom row left to right: Tanuj Vasudeva, Samuel Sevian and Daniel Liu
Final standings of Pacific Coast Open:
  • 5.5 GM Khachiyan
  • 4.5 IM Matikozyan and IM Tate
  • 4.0 IM Sevillano, NM Manukyan, NM Tanaka, NM Kudryavtsev and NM Y.Liou
Regretably, both Michael Zhong (U2100) and Tanuj Vasudeva (U1900) lost their last game to finish outside of the prizes. However, Arthur Liou (U2100) won his last three games to finish in the money at 4.5. He also hit the 2000 rating milestone to officially become an expert. Way to go dude!

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