Wednesday, July 22

Do YOU Have What It Takes to be a Master?

White to move and achieve a clear advantage. Do you see a tactic in this position? Would you have found that tactic if nobody had told you to look for one?

This position comes from round 5 at Pacific Coast Open, a game between brand new master Yian Liou and NM Julian Landaw (2283). Arguably this single move pushed Yian above the master threshold last weekend. Most people would automatically play Bf4 or Bd4, but there is something deeper in the position. Can you find it?

I will post the solution in the comments section below.

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Michael Aigner said...

The game continued: 17. Bxc7 Qxc7 18. Nd5 Qc5 19. Re1 Bg4 20. Qd3 O-O-O 21. Nxe7+ Kb8 22. Qg3+ Qd6 23. f3 Qxg3 24. hxg3 Bc8 25. Re2 and white is up a pawn for nothing, with superior pieces as well. Yian won this ending in 70 moves.