Friday, September 11

First Two Rounds of US Chess League

At the beginning of September, the San Francisco Mechanics resumed fixing cars around the country. Teams from 14 cities compete in the fifth season of the US Chess League, with matches played on ICC on Monday or Wednesday nights for most weeks. The captain submits a lineup of four players each week, averaging less than 2401 USCF on a previously specified rating list. Read my prior blog post for the entire Mechanics roster and a brief summary of each player. (Note: captain Donaldson swapped Young and Wolff so that Wolff is now on the main roster while Young plays as an alternate.)

After two weeks, the Mechanics have 1.5/2 and are tied for second place in the Western Division. The home team got off to a shaky start in round 1 when GM Josh Friedel lost a piece after hallucinating in a favorable position. (Click on the links to view each game.) Fortunately, IM David Pruess pulled out a full point in an even rook endgame. The second week turned out better, as the Mechanics crushed the two-time league champions by an impressive 3-1 score. GM Friedel bounced back with a miniature crush of the 2... e6 Sicilian while 12-year old NM Yian Liou improved his league record to 1.5-0.5, both games as black in the Dutch defense.

Week 1: San Francisco 2.0-2.0 Seattle
  1. GM Josh Friedel vs GM Gregory Serper 0-1
  2. IM Eric Tangborn vs IM David Pruess 0-1
  3. IM John Donaldson vs FM Michael Lee 1/2-1/2
  4. NM Joshua Sinanan vs NM Yian Liou 1/2-1/2
Week 2: San Francisco 3.0-1.0 Dallas
  1. GM Josh Friedel vs IM Marko Zivanic 1-0
  2. IM Daniel Ludwig vs GM Jesse Kraai 1-0
  3. IM Sam Shankland vs IM Sal Bercys 1-0
  4. Adarsh Jayakumar vs NM Yian Liou 0-1

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