Thursday, June 11

Endorsements for USCF Election

Randy Bauer
Boyd Reed (credit: Shabazz)

I received my ballot for the US Chess Federation national election today.  Following the trend of recent years, the number of official candidates is rather disappointing.  The ballot shows only two names for two seats on the Executive Board.  Alas, this year's election is being contested thanks to the presence of a write-in candidate.

I urge registered voters to reelect Randy Bauer of Iowa and write-in Boyd M. Reed of Pennsylvania  For the write-in candidate, voters must include his USCF ID 12479484.

Both Bauer and Reed have an extensive history of service to the chess community, at the local and national level.  Rated over 2300, Bauer has written hundreds of instructional chess articles and book reviews.  He served on the Executive Board off and on since 2004, contributing his extensive expertise as an accountant.  Active chess players may recognize Boyd as a director at many major tournaments, including the Millionaire Open, Chicago Open and scholastic nationals.  Also active as a player, parent and online chess forum advocate, he recently reached 2200 for the first time.

The third candidate is Anjelina Belakovskaia, a WGM who emigrated from the USSR before its collapse in 1991 and now operates her Chess Academy in Arizona.  A former currency trader who teaches finance classes, she has lived the role of chess professional as both a player and coach.  While seeking to represent other professional players, Belakovskaia has unfortunately garnered little to no support among top Grandmasters.  Moreover, her lack of background in national chess governance contrasts sharply with the other two candidates.

Please mark Randy Bauer and write-in Boyd M. Reed 12479484 on your USCF ballot.

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