Tuesday, June 30

Check Out My Teaching Website

Off and on for the past 2+ years, I worked on my new Fpawn Chess website.  This site will not replace my chess blog, but instead functions as my teaching homepage.  I also post regularly on two social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter.  The reader can guess my username.

Check out the following categories on the left side:
Photo in July 2013
issue of Chess Life.

  • Chess Bio and Photo Album - All about me!
  • Chess Rules & Advice - Rules of thumb to know..
  • Chess Quotes - 55 of my favorite quotes.
  • Student Goals - 10 goals for a chess student.
  • Chess Links - Dozens of interesting chess websites.
  • Honor Roll - Achievements of my top students.
  • NorCal Top 100 - Top juniors and adults in NorCal.
  • Chess Lessons - Check them out!

Yes, I am open to accept some new students over the summer.  Please read my lessons page for more information.  The majority of my experience has been coaching students in 7th grade and older, rated at least 1500.  That said, I may consider younger or lower rated students, especially with referral from someone I know.  Contact me at michaelNOSPAM@fpawn.com (remove the six letters in caps from the address).

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