Tuesday, July 15

Fpawn Simul Results

Thank you to the 21 students who challenged me in a simul yesterday on ICC. My overall record in this 2.5 hour long event was 10 wins, 9 losses and 2 draws. The time control was G/60 +20/move. I faced a wide variety of opponents, ranging in rating from under 1000 to nearly 2000; the top six were all rated above 1800. Here are a few more statistics:
  • I played 1070 moves in 2.5 hours
  • average of 51 moves per game
  • average of 8 seconds per move
  • despite the 20 second increment, I was under 2 minutes on as many as ten boards at once
  • I hung one queen, two rooks and allowed a forced checkmate, all to 1-movers
  • my record against players from Saratoga High School was a miserable 0-4
Congratulations to all of the winners: Arthur Liou, Yian Liou, Rebekah Liu, Eric Chen, Sankash Shankar, Brian Wai, Evan Ye, Charles Sun and Nicholas Karas! The most brilliant game was Evan (see photo above) setting an impressive endgame trap, which I blindly walked right into. The second prize goes to Eric for creating substantial counterplay after losing a pawn. Honorable mention to Charles for blowing me off the board after I made two small inaccuracies.
  1. fpawn vs Evan Ye
  2. fpawn vs Eric Chen
  3. fpawn vs Charles Sun

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