Thursday, July 24

Episode 6 of Chess Diva TV Show

The latest edition of Chess Diva is now available for viewing. This TV program is the brainchild of two amateur producers and chess players: Lauren and Barbara Goodkind. The hosts hope that their show will encourage more girls and women to push wood on the chess board around the Bay Area.

The sixth episode was filmed on June 30 in the studios of the Media Center in Palo Alto. The 30 minute show has four segments, including two interviews. Check it out!
  1. brief lecture on space on the chess board
  2. images of chess in the community from around the world (very cool!)
  3. interview with 7 year old champion Alisha Chawla
  4. interview with top ranked blind player Jessica Lauser.
Fun quiz: In what Bay Area city is Chess Drive located? Watch the video to find out! Answer: Foster City.

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