Thursday, May 16

Schutt Blitz Results and Photos

FM Yian Liou
IM Daniel Naroditsky
NM Daniel Schwarz

Now in its seventh year, the Ray Schutt Memorial Blitz Tournament continues to attract many of the strongest and fastest local players to the Mechanics' Institute.  The 5 double-round swiss (10 games) featured a generous $750 prize fund, augmented by free books for everyone, including multiple signed copies by Bay Area authors.  Even ten days later, the fond memories remain fresh.  Thanks to photographer Richard Shorman and webmaster Kerry Lawless for uploading more than 100 photos on ChessDryad.

6-time US Champion
GM Walter Browne

A blast from the past:
NM Mike Arne
Out of a record 63 participants, 17 were masters, including two Grandmasters and seven International Masters.  The defending champion IM Daniel Naroditsky was poised to three-peat, but he faced stiff challenges in the final two rounds from Italian IM Niccolo Ronchetti (1.5-0.5) and 3-time US Champion GM Nick deFirmian (1-1).  This allowed high school sophomore FM Yian Liou to snatch clear first place by sweeping IM Ricardo DeGuzman (2-0).

Three of my former students finished in the money: Yian, Danya and recent Stanford graduate Daniel Schwarz.  Way to go guys!  All that blitz practice pays dividends!

Final Standings
  • 9.0 FM Yian Liou
  • 8.5 GM Nick deFirmian and IM Daniel Naroditsky
  • 8.0 IM Ray Kaufman, IM Odondoo Ganbold and NM Daniel Schwarz
  • 7.5 IM Niccolo Ronchetti
  • 7.0 IM Ricardo DeGuzman and FM Andy Lee
  • 6.5 GM Walter Browne
  • 5.5 NM Michael Aigner
On the day before the blitz, the Mechanics' hosted the 13th Powell Memorial (G/45).  For the first time in four years, Yours Truly ended up victorious!  I beat master Romulo Fuentes and improving expert Aleksandr Ivanov before drawing with National K-8 champion Siddharth BanikMost importantly, I finally got off my life master floor!

The Chess Room

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