Tuesday, December 22

Ten Goals for Chess Lessons

(Bottom board at the 2007 U.S. Championship. At least I can say that I qualified!)

I was cleaning up a few broken links on my website when I came across an older page. This page reminded me that, whether you're a chess student, parent or coach, it always helps be aware of the big picture.

Ten Goals for Chess Lessons
  1. Become a more confident chess player!
  2. Critique your own games for mistakes and improvements.
  3. Develop the patience to carefully consider the consequences of every move.
  4. Improve pattern recognition and understanding of tactics.
  5. Learn strategy and positional concepts, such as tempo, space, pawn structures, weaknesses, good/bad pieces, and threats.
  6. Understand the theory of common endgames.
  7. Apply standard opening rules and develop an opening repertoire.
  8. Cope with psychological pressures caused by varying game situations, such as a winning or losing position.
  9. Prepare for tournaments or even specific opponents.
  10. Have fun!

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