Wednesday, September 3

Fpawn on Vacation Until September 13

Your humble blogger is away on a much needed break from chess for two weeks. My family vacation will be in Florida, the state where I lived for most of my school years (K-12). In many ways, this is a trip down memory lane to places such as the Florida Keys and my alma mater St. Petersburg High School, the home of the Green Devils. I have not visited my old hometown nor spoken with many old friends for 16 years. These weeks will also offer an opportunity to relax on the sands of Daytona Beach (check out this cool webcam), the Keys and St. Pete Beach. Hopefully the state won't be hit by any hurricanes. <crossing fingers>

I will not bring my laptop on this trip so that I can't get tempted to study chess. I may check my email every few days, but don't expect any further blog updates until I return home. And in case anyone is wondering, no I will not play in the big Miami Open.


Chess Manitoba said...

Have a good one !

Michael Aigner said...

Grr these hurricanes are conspiring to mess up my vacation. First Hanna brought a day of wind and rain. And now we can't travel to the Florida Keys because of an evacuation order due to Ike. Other than that, I can't complain about life on the beach here in the Sunshine State. See you all in a week!