Tuesday, April 15

Strong Chess Festival in Reno on Easter

An old photo of playing hall in Reno. Do you recognize some familiar faces?

Every Easter weekend, the Larry Evans Memorial (formerly Far West Open) attracts a mix of experienced masters and motivated amateurs to Reno, the self-proclaimed Biggest Little City in the World.  This tournament has always been one of my favorites!  The trip to Reno always feels like a mini vacation.  As of last week, 111 players registered, including seven Grandmasters headlined by Timur Gareev, fourth highest rated in the country. (Update: 144 registrations posted on April 15.)

Does this sound interesting?  Then be there!  And please say hello if you read this blog.

  • Event: Larry Evans Memorial 
  • Dates: April 18-20
  • Location: Sands Regency Hotel in Reno, NV
  • Format: 6 rounds in 5 sections: Open, A, B, C, U1400
  • Time control: 40/2, G/1 (max game can go 6 hours)
  • Entry fee: $144-148 (add $11 more on-site)
  • Prize fund: $21,000 based on 250 (2/3 guaranteed)
  • See this website for complete details.
  • Check advance entries by section
  • Rating report from 2013.

A final note to chess parents: I know conventional wisdom says that casinos and kids do not mix well, but this event seems to be an exception. Dozens of kids rated from 1000 to 2400 play each year. Simply request the Regency or Dynasty tower while checking in so that the kids can take the elevator directly to the playing hall without walking through the casino.  This weekend also represents the final opportunity to practice before the CalChess Super States


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Is that Sam Shankland playing Ziad Baroudi?

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