Thursday, December 19

1001 Arabian Nightmares

Sheikh Sultan and FIDE President

Reports from United Arab Emirates continue to document excessively long waits at the cafeteria, especially for lunch before the afternoon rounds.  The university campus, while modern, appears to lack some resources required by 4000+ hungry chess players, parents, coaches and officials.  The German Chess Federation took a humorous perspective, referencing 1001 Arabian Nights
In their fairy tale, the Sultan ordered three Magic Lamps.  He asked the first to deliver endless food.  The Lamp complied, but the servants ran out of dishes, utensils, tables and chairs.  The second Lamp was assigned to the Algebra of pairings.  Alas, it forgot some names or paired others as both White and Black on different boards.  The Sultan asked the third Lamp to ensure that he could watch all boards over the internet.  Yet, he could see... nothing.  
Frankly, and in all sincerity, I hope the nutritional needs of all delegates will be addressed promptly.  I am also looking forward to seeing games online.  The Emirates certainly are not a Third World country.

Does anyone know if Santa Claus delivers pizza to the Persian Gulf?

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