Tuesday, December 11

FIDE Rated NorCal Kids - December 2012

NM Cameron
NM Kesav

Back in the dark ages, or even at the turn of this millennium, earning an official FIDE rating served as a rite of passage for a rising young chess player.  Few opportunities existed to play internationally rated games in the Bay Area, and the old rating floor of 2000 FIDE meant only the best had a shot..  IM John Donaldson and Anthony Corrales at the Mechanics' Institute organized a series of rating tournaments designed to meet this need.  Most of the elite juniors from that generation picked up their international rating this way.  Still, the number of local kids with a published FIDE rating never exceeded a handful at a time.

Times change!  At the end of 2012, more than 30 NorCal juniors are rated, with 3 above 2300 and another 13 over 2000.  On average, a player's USCF rating exceeds the FIDE by 50 to 100 points.  Since FIDE rates only slow games, someone who performs better at G/45 or G/60 will be ranked lower.  Indeed, many masters believe the FIDE rating holds more meaning than USCF, in part because faster games do not count.


1 IM Naroditsky, Daniel 2483 + GM norm
2 SM Young, Greg 2367
3 FM Liou, Yian 2352 + IM norm
4 SM Sevian, Sam 2343 + 2 IM norms
5 NM Wheeler, Cameron 2165
6 NM Viswanadha, Kesav 2130
7 Liu, Daniel 2095
8 Apte, Neel 2086
9 Tong, Benjamin 2064
10 Chow, Colin 2062
11 Zhu, Jack 2047
12 Shin, Kyle 2046
13 Panchanatham, Vignesh 2033
14 Klotz-Burwell, Hunter 2026
15 Beilin, Allan 2018
16 Nagarajan, Pranav 2009
17 FM Vasudeva, Tanuj 1999
18 Iyengar, Udit 1988
19 Richter, Paul 1957
20 Moy, Kevin 1945

Please contact me at michael(at)fpawn(dot)com if I overlooked someone.

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