Saturday, June 2

California Online Blitz Champs

Here comes one tournament that you can play without even leaving your house!  Join the California Online Blitz Championships on Sunday, June 10, for two hours of fun chess and a small opportunity to spread chess to those less fortunate.  While registration at the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) is free, the $7 entry fee supports the nonprofit Chess For Charity (80%) and the NorCal High School Online Chess League (20%).  The inspiration and manpower behind both organizations come from local high school chess players.

The event is open to all ages.  It is not USCF rated, but ratings will be used for pairings.

Event: California Online Blitz Championships
When: June 10 at 2:00pm (make sure to log in early)
Where: FICS - download interface at
Format: 8 rounds
Time Control: G/3 + 2 sec/move increment
Register: Send $7 using PayPal (see instructions)
Other: USCF membership is not required
Prizes: Trophy to winner in each section, plus raffle awards every round
Website: Click here for more information

Join for a couple hours of fun chess--and a good cause to boot!  For more info, please contact league organizers Sydney Liu or Aditya Kumar.

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