Saturday, November 8

Capps Memorial in San Francisco

The 38th annual Carroll Capps Memorial takes place this weekend at the Mechanics' Institute in downtown San Francisco. Nearly 60 players showed up to compete for the $1600 prize fund, including International Masters Ricardo DeGuzman and Walter Shipman. After four rounds today, DeGuzman leads with a perfect score.

I am playing as well to support 8 of my students. Regretably, I am disappointed with my poor performance, although the 3.0/4 score doesn't seem that awful. I walked into a checkmate in the first round to 8 year old Vignesh Panchanatham (1623) and then struggled to beat 9 year old Allan Beilin (1533) in round 2. While the kids these days get good at a young age, the blame for today's results lies squarely on my shoulders.

I took these photos during round 4, after winning my only easy game of the day.

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