Thursday, August 7

CalChess Players at US Open

Top row of photos from left to right:
  • State K-12 champ Steven Zierk was disappointed by his last round loss to finish at 3.5/6 in the Denker Invitational, but he has bounced back with 3.5/4 in the 6-day schedule of the US Open before today's game vs NM Aditya Balasubramanian (2204).
  • My student Nicholas Karas has 3.0/5, including wins against two experts!
  • Veteran IM Walter Shipman, 78 years young, came all the way to Texas to play.
Bottom row of photos:
  • Rohan Sathe and Arnav Shah are both in the action packed 5-day schedule.
  • Kartik Chillakanti (1.5/4) and his brother Mukund (2.0/4) really love chess.

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Jon Zierk said...

Why is Steven wearing the same shirt in both Denker and US Open pictures? Time to change your clothes, young man! LOL