Monday, April 28

Episode 5 of Chess Diva TV Show

Believe it or not, the San Francisco Bay Area has a TV chess show! Thanks to the effort of amateur producers Lauren and Barbara Goodkind, the Community Access channel of Palo Alto has a show called Chess Diva. Lauren and Barbara are twin sisters who both have ratings around 1800, which places them in the Top 100 of the country for women. The 30 minute long TV show offers instructional content for novice and intermediate players as well as interviews with local players. The hosts hope to encourage more girls and women to push wood on the chess board.

The fifth episode of Chess Diva TV Show is now available on Google Video! The program starts out with an example of a king and pawn endgame, then continues with the post-mortem analysis of a tournament game between Lauren and my student Andrew Chen and ends with images from the People's Replacement tournament in Santa Clara, including IM Ricardo DeGuzman and me. Check it out! By the way, Andrew really looks cool in front of the camera!

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