Tuesday, April 29

Western Invitational Chess Camp in Arizona

(Photo from 2007 Western Invitational Chess Camp. Do you recognize GM Gregory Kaidanov's opponent in the simul? Hint: it is one of my students.)

I am posting this for my friend FM Robby Adamson from Tucson, Arizona. For the fifth straight year, Robby is hosting an elite chess camp that he bills as the strongest in the USA. Players must be rated a minimum of 1500 to be invited and the top group of participants will likely have an average rating around 2200. The instructors include Grandmasters Gregory Kaidanov, Yury Shulman and Alejandro Ramirez plus four other veteran masters. Inside joke: Make sure to invite Yury to Taco Bell.

The dates for this year are July 20-24 (yes, it starts on a Sunday) with the optional Ye Olde Pueblo Open tournament on the following weekend. The camp schedule include two daily lectures, a GM simul, a G/35 tournament (USCF quick rated), blitz and various fun activities each evening. For more information, please visit the Western Invitational Chess Camp website or contact Robby Adamson by email. One of my students went last year and I wouldn't be surprised to see at least three or four go this year. Please let me know.

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EJ said...

G/35 Quick rated? What will Robby think up next?! (=