Tuesday, April 8

April Top 100 Lists

(Saratoga High School and Redwood Middle School teams at 2007 CalChess Scholastics.)

Chess players, coaches and parents alike eagerly await the release of the USCF Top 100 lists every two months. Congratulations to my 22 chess students who are ranked in the top 100 of the country for their age. It is both an honor and a challenge to work with this talented group of kids.
  • GOLD MEDAL (top 5): FM Danya Naroditsky, #1 age 12; Gregory Young, #2 age 12
  • SILVER MEDAL (top 10): Yian Liou, #6 age 10; Steven Zierk, #8 age 14
  • BRONZE MEDAL (top 25): James Kwok, Sam Bekker, Adam Goldberg, Alan Naroditsky, David Chock, NM Daniel Schwarz
The CalChess Top 100 and CalChess Top 20 lists are drawn from the national rankings. My students are well represented there as well. In fact, I am proud to be able to teach nearly half of the age 12-17 Top 20 list, including four of the top six. I also teach four students on the U12 Top 20 list, including three of the top six. Keep up all of the good work to make me look good! ;-)
  • CalChess Top 20 for Age 12-17: #2 Danya, #3 Gregory, #5 Steven, #6 David, #9 Alan, #11 Jeff, #14 Adam, #17 Charles and #18 Sam
  • CalChess Top 20 for Age U12: #2 Yian, #5 James, #6 Alex, #12 Aamir

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