Monday, April 7

Team 45 45 League on ICC

The Team 45 45 League on ICC is currently accepting signups for a new tournament! You play one game each week for six weeks (plus playoffs) against different opponents at a mutually agreed time. The time control is 45 minutes plus a 45 second increment for every move; a typical game may last 2-3 hours or more. The league, which has been active on ICC for nearly ten years now, has sections at 200 rating point intervals, allowing everyone the opportunity to play people near their own rating.

I have played in T4545L for several years and I also volunteer as a section TD plus on the Steering Committee. A half dozen of my students played last tournament as well: Gregory, Steven, Yian, James, Andrew and Rebekah. Yian's father serves as captain of several teams. Highly recommended and fun! Who will play this time?

Before joining, please carefully read the Quick Guide and Player Handbook. The T4545L has some strict rules which require a minimum level of personal responsibility. It also helps if you are somewhat flexible in your availability to play, either after school on several days of the week or on most weekends. If you're busy at a multi-day tournament, you may wish to ask your captain to sit out that week. Feel free to contact me with further questions.

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