Monday, April 21

Upcoming Tournaments

The CalChess Scholastics are less than four weeks away and, for many of you, it is time to get some last minute practice before the main event. Here are some upcoming tournaments that I can recommend from the CalChess adult calendar.
The big weekend is May 17-18 when serious chess players in Northern California will converge on the San Jose Convention Center. Please check the official website for information, registration, advance entries and the schedule. I reserved a small team room on the second floor of the hotel, just across the skywalk from the playing site. I will analyze games for my students between rounds and expect to have a distinguished master as my special guest and teaching assistant. In addition, I have signed up to TD the blitz (Friday night) and bughouse (Saturday night) side events.

I can also recommend some tournaments after the CalChess Scholastics. The Memorial Day holiday happens to be the very next weekend, so plan accordingly. However, I am flying to Chicago that weekend, seeking out stronger competition than is possible in the Bay Area. Looking further into the summer, I hope to see many of my students make the annual trip to Sacramento on the 4th of July weekend.

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