Tuesday, April 8

Fpawn Rating List - Best Gain in First Quarter of 2008

(Aamir playing blitz at my holiday party in December 2007, where he took 2nd place.)

As I do every month, I compiled the Fpawn Rating List and Top 5 lists using the new USCF rating supplement. Instead of presenting the raw numbers for May on my blog, I took a slightly different approach. Since we are one-fourth of the way through 2008, I wanted to see who has been most successful at improving their rating in the first quarter of the year. My spreadsheet calculated the rating gain from the February to May supplement; each list was created on the first Friday of the previous month (i.e. January 4 to April 4).

Congratulations to Aamir for breaking out of a slump in style with two impressive results in recent weeks. Rebekah has also been moving up and she will represent CalChess at the Polgar Invitational for Girls in Texas this summer. Finally, I wish to congratulate Brian, not so much for his chess rating (which has improved quite a bit), but for passing the difficult AMC and AIME tests to qualify for the USA Math Olympiad as an 8th grader!
  1. Aamir +145
  2. Rebekah +86
  3. Danya +68
  4. EvanY +66
  5. Chris +65
  6. Yian +50
  7. Steven +49
  8. Brian +48
  9. Tyler +45
  10. Alan +38

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Wahrheit said...

I live in Reno but I may have to move over there so you can coach my kid! :) He's three and plays around with the pieces right now plus on the computer where it shows him where he can legally move something. Next year, real chess!

Seriously, congratulations on your coaching success and thanks much for all your great reporting from the Reno tournaments.

Best Regards,