Sunday, April 13

Video from HHCF Event in Menlo Park

(Does chess mix well with rap music? Photo by Alan Kirshner from the HHCF's event last May 2007 in San Francisco.)

The Hip Hop Chess Federation hosted their latest event yesterday at the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement in Menlo Park. Their mission is to use chess as a tool for popular rappers and martial arts experts to entertain kids. As the website proudly proclaims, the "HHCF brings together top entertainers and fighters to inspire today's youth."

Saturday's gathering included chess exhibitions, grappling competitions and a Symposium on Martial Arts as a Path to Nonviolence. The event was covered by the local media, including the TV station NBC11. Check out this video clip for a great report from Menlo Park. You may even find a few active local chess players among the crowd.

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