Thursday, March 27

US Champ Qualifier Predictions

I have handicapped the qualifying field into three categories: favorites, second tier and dark horses. Since the 90+30 time control benefits younger players, I predict a strong showing by the kids. Anyone not listed below is, in my humble opinion, a longshot. If there are any strong last minute entries on Friday morning, then I'll update my predictions. Can one of the dark horses or even a longshot prove me wrong by qualifying? We'll see soon.
  • Favorites (7): GM Becerra, GM Ivanov, GM Perelshteyn, IM Finegold, GM Kudrin, GM Yermolinsky and IM Bhat
  • Second Tier (8): GM Goldin, GM Kraai, GM Fedorowicz, IM Friedel, IM Pruess, IM Ippolito, IM Bercys and FM Robson
  • Dark Horses (11): IM Bradford, IM Zilberstein, IM Brooks, IM Lugo, IM Burnett, IM Bonin, FM Ludwig, FM Andrews, FM Langer, NM Shankland, FM Naroditsky
Tulsa weather report. Thursday afternoon: 85 degrees, sunny and humid. Thursday night: 45 degrees, windy with tornados elsewhere in the state. Forecast for Friday afternoon: 56 degrees and overcast. This certainly ain't California weather!


Ivan said...
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Michael Aigner said...

The top games are being broadcast on MonRoi. You can find links from the tournament website Hopefully they will have standings up later today.

By the way, I drew against an 1877 rated kid in the first round after an opening disaster as black in the symmetrical English.