Thursday, March 27

Reno Has Been USCF Rated

(Yian and Andrew goofing off before the last round.)
This promises to be my final blog entry about the 8th Far West Open in Reno. Honestly, I have written enough on the USCF website a for a short novel. At this rate, my next book project will be a sequel to David Bronstein's masterpiece Zurich 1953.
Check out the USCF rating report for the crosstables and rating changes. The big winner among my students was Danya, who gained an impressive 41 points to 2307. Steven gained 38 points to 2145, Alan gained 6 to 2049, Yian gained 9 to 1937, Nicholas gained 20 to 1795 and Samyukta gained 19 to 1667. Other CalChess kids did well: Rohan Agarwal gained 18 to 2113, Evan Sandberg gained 34 to 1960, Mukund Chillakanti gained 87 to 1868, Vijay Mohan gained 21 to 1777, Kartik Chillakanti gained 17 to 1706 and Kesav Viswanadha gained 51 to 1515. Congratulations to everyone! (I lost 4 points to 2267.)
Finally, check out all of the photos that I took at my CalChess photo album. I deleted some bad photos, but 60 pictures remain as a memory of this tournament.


Carl Moy said...
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Carl Moy said...

I'd also like to congratulate my neighbors the Chillakanti family from Fremont for their very strong showing in Reno. Pratap (the Dad) and the 8th-grade twins (Mukund and Kartik) gained major rating points, especially Mukund, who gained almost 100 points (87 to be exact) for his solid performance in the A section.

Robert Pearson said...

Awesome coverage Michael, thanks for coming to play here in Reno regularly! I have now linked you up at my blog, as well.