Saturday, March 22

Naroditsky Takes No Prisoners in Reno

The big story so far at the Far West Open in Reno has been the success of Bay Area juniors in the Open section, especially FM Daniel Naroditsky (see photo at left). After three rounds, Danya is tied for first place at 2.5, having defeated IM Vladimir Mezentsev and drawn with top rated GM Sergey Kudrin. I believe these are the highest rated opponents that Danya has ever beaten and drawn! He is playing with a poise well beyond his years. In fact, he feeds off the pressure of playing a strong opponent on the stage.

Three other local kids have done well. Steven Zierk drew with FM Vladimir Strugatsky (2450) before losing to FM Alexandre Kretchetov (2402). Rohan Agarwal (see photo at right) beat strong NM John Bryant (2314) before losing to Bryant's father, IM Enrico Sevillano (who is 3-0). NM Sam Shankland drew with GM Alex Yermolinsky in round 3 and both are tied for second at 2.5.

I have two wins against 2000 average opponents and a miniature loss to GM Yermolinsky. You can read more about my loss to Yermo and the tournament overall in my second blog entry at the USCF homepage. If I feel like it, I may post an update late tonight after round 4.

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