Thursday, March 6

More on NM Nip

News travels fast in the era of information technology. Academic Chess coach Eric Hicks wrote his personal impressions of this milestone on the CalChess website. The USCF also recognizes the news from California, including an insightful tribute by GM Yury Shulman, the lead instructor of the week-long US Chess School camp in San Francisco just two months ago. Bay Area expert (formerly rated over 2200) Dana Mackenzie annotates his loss about 1.5 years ago to the rising star.
Here are some additional statistics for any doubters out there. According to Wayne Zimmerle's MSA program, Nicholas Nip has now played 45 games against USCF rated masters, scoring a phenomenal +13 =13 -19 for 19.5/45 = 43%! Lucky number 13? Keep in mind that the rating difference exceeded 200 points in 19 of those 45 games, with Nicholas being the lower rated in every game. The master scalps are: FM Ron Cusi, Emmanuel Perez (3 times), Michael Aigner, Albert Rich, FM Daniel Naroditsky, Paul Gallegos, FM Eric Schiller (3 times), Igor Margulis and Jerry Hanken. Way to go little chess monster!

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Sam Shankland said...

This is NM Sam Shankland. I just wanted to say i have seen a lot on the internet about this title being unworthy and that Nicholas got it by playing matches against weak/floored masters. Everyone obviously has their right to their own opinion on the matter, but it seems to me that if you feel this title and achievement is not deserved (which already seems a bit strange) it is because of USCF's rating system being imperfect. Therefore, to me is seems blatantly uncalled for to publish posts on public blogs and other web sites suggesting that he is not worthy. Although match play definitely helped him and gave him huge rating points, there is no reason to believe that he would not have gotten them anyway, and its not like the floored and former masters he played were total morons. One of them defeated me last September when I was rated around 2250, a good 150 points above him. This is an outstanding achievement, and it is absolutely ridiculous for people to be belittling it by talking about the matches as if they were some kind of unfair ploy.