Sunday, March 30

Breaking News from Tulsa

Qualifiers for 2008 Frank K. Berry US Championship (May 13-21): GM Jesse Kraai (5.5), GM Alex Yermolinsky (5.5), IM Dean Ippolito (5.5), GM John Fedorowicz (5.5), FM Daniel Ludwig (5.0), NM Sam Shankland (5.0) and IM David Pruess (5.0). Click here for the complete crosstable at the bottom of the article.
Note that GM Julio Becerra (5.5), GM Alexander Ivanov (5.0), GM Sergey Kudrin (5.0) and GM Eugene Perelshteyn (5.0) are officially seeded by rating (because several higher rated players declined to participate) and therefore didn't actually have to play in the Qualifier.
Other noteworthy Northern California scores: IM Vinay Bhat (4.5), FM Danya Naroditsky (4.5), NM Michael Aigner (4.5) and IM Walter Shipman (4.0). For those of you wondering, NM Sam Shankland will now skip the CalChess Scholastics because it conflicts with the US Championship.

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