Saturday, March 22

Scores Through Round 4 of Far West Open

I won my fourth game in Reno against fellow blogger Kevin Gafni (2005), who kindly made my task easier by trading into a good knight versus bad bishop endgame. This result leaves me at 3.0 out of 4, having faced three opponents rated near 2000 and GM Yermolinsky. I am slightly frustrated by my unlucky pairings, especially the fact that all of my wins have come against players without a FIDE rating. Argh! The good news is that I expect to face someone around 2300 USCF in round 5 on Sunday morning (with a FIDE rating).

Danya drew against FM Michael Langer (2322) in round 4. Alan won against Igor Margulis (2145). Steven also won. Sam and Rohan both lost to higher rated opponents.

Partial standings after round 4 (out of 6):

Open: Khachiyan, Sevillano, Kretchetov at 3.5 ; Kudrin, Yermolinsky, D. Naroditsky, Aigner at 3.0 ; Shankland, Zierk, A. Naroditsky at 2.5 ; Donaldson, Pearson, Agarwal at 2.0
Class A: Yian at 3.0 ; Todd and Nicholas at 2.0
Class B: Samyukta at 2.0

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