Thursday, May 29

June Top 100 Lists Are Out

(Ten year old monsters. Photos from left to right: Nicholas, Yian, Paul and Kyle.)

The June Top 100 lists are available on the USCF website since this morning. The usual suspects named Tanuj, Nicholas, Yian, Danya, Gregory, Steven and Sam still hold their accustomed spots at or near the top of the lists.
I will try to update the CalChess lists in the coming days.

Much has been written about the CalChess dominance on the age 7&under and age 8 lists. For today, I want to point out the six local kids ranked in the top 20 of the age 10 list. Kudos to them and all nationally ranked CalChess chess kids!
  • #1 NM Nicholas Nip (2207)
  • #5 Yian Liou (1956)
  • #10 Paul Richter (1835)
  • #12 Kyle Shin (1824)
  • #16 Jerome Sun (1772)
  • #18 James Kwok (1747)

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