Sunday, May 11

CalChess Scholastics - High School

With NM Sam Shankland busy playing at the US Championship in Oklahoma at the same time, the defending champion must be a clear favorite for first place. However, this tournament serves as the Northern California qualifier for the Denker Invitational. Interestingly, two of the top three rated players are ineligible due to age or residency, which opens the chances to a competitive group of a half dozen experts, several who have proved themselves at the national level. Note: The other two masters, Gregory Young and Nicholas Nip, are both unlikely to play. :-(
1 Naroditsky, Daniel 2307 CRYSTA
2 Zierk, Steven C 2145 LOSGAT
3 Erdos, Boglarka 2121 HUNGAR
4 Konda, Adarsh 2117 MSJHS
5 Agarwal, Rohan 2113 IRVING
6 Chock, David 2098 SARATO
7 Zhong, Michael 2086 LOSALT
8 Naroditsky, Alan 2049 CRYSTA
9 Young, Jeff A 1978 SARATO
10 Sandberg, Evan M 1955 GATEWY
11 Sathe, Rohan S 1939
12 Sun, Charles 1901 SARATO
13 Jasthi, Sreekar 1895 CALIFO
14 Belanoff, Ted 1886 MIDDLE
15 Manvelyan, Hayk 1880 HOPKIN
16 Richter, Paul 1879 CUPERH
17 Quan, Daniel 1874 MONTEV
18 Shah, Arnav S 1860 GUNN
19 Gunawan, Cheston 1834 CHANDL
20 Garg, Aaron 1813 SARATO

Karas, Nicholas 1795 RIOAME

Mohan, Vijay M 1777 MITTY

Lin, Michael 1777 STIGNA

Shu, Marvin 1768 SARATO

Tsai, Chris 1725 HARKER

Law, Kenneth 1664 LYNBRO

Liu, Rebekah 1656 GUNN

Kumar, Avinash 1552 SARATO

Lun, Alex 1547 SARATO

Basu, Rik 1343 LOSGAT

Aggarwal, Amol 1228 SARATO

65 total players

Please check the official website for all of the entries. I will try to update this list when I have new information about who is playing and in what section.

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