Sunday, May 11

CalChess Scholastics - Primary

Can you say Tanuj? This section looks quite scary with the top four players all ranked in the top 20 of the nation for age 7&under or 8. We're looking at the future of the CalChess Scholastics right here. I'm just glad that I don't have to play in this section!
1 Vasudeva, Tanuj 1576 BUNKER
2 Viswanadha, Kesav 1512 LINCOL
3 Beilin, Allan 1490 NORTST
4 Panchanatham, Vig 1444 MURDOC
5 Chow, Aaron 1376 LAJOLL
6 Chow, Darren 1306 LAJOLL
7 Wheeler, Cameron 1280 REGNAR
8 Kong, Alvin 1240 MSJE
9 Tang, Kevin M 1216 CHERRY
10 Lo, Chester Elias 1209 WEIBEL

50 total players

Please check the official website for all of the entries. I will try to update this list when I have new information about who is playing and in what section.

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