Wednesday, February 13


Welcome to the fpawn chess blog. I just created this feature, which I hope to use more frequently later this year as I travel to tournaments. For now, just visit my homepage and check out my finger notes on ICC for the latest news.

In case you're wondering, the above photo was taken recently, on February 10. Thanks to Mark Shelton of ChessDryad, one of my favorite Northern California chess websites.

May all your pawns promote!

Michael Aigner


Anonymous said...
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Michael Aigner said...
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drunknknite said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm sure I'll see you in Reno Easter Weekend.

Anonymous said...


I hope you will be successful with this site.

from Hungary said...

For the recent tournament played in
Santa Clara, I got about 35 minutes of video footage.
Once we make a finished video clip of the tournament, we will put it on our fifth episode of "Chess Diva", which will be recorded next month!

H-bomb888 said...

hello.... im from the philippines,glad to visit ur site.more power!

Vladimir Naroditsky said...

Michael: your service to the chess community and to a lot of scholastic players is well known. This blog is just one more example (after is almost dead) of your great contribution to the chess community here and, as one can see from the comments, worldwide. Just wanted to thank you again.

Vladimir Naroditsky