Thursday, February 21

Poll: Tournament Time Controls

Please vote in my first poll for this blog. What is your favorite time control for a serious chess tournament? Please select from one of four options on the right side of this blog (near the top). Your vote will only be counted once, so ballot stuffing won't work.

In Northern California, the time controls range from the popular G/45 series at the Mechanics' Institute to 30/90, G/60 at the State Championship on Labor Day weekend. The major weekday evening chess clubs typically allocate two hours per player per game. There are also many scholastic tournaments, which vary from the rapid G/30 to the more leisurely G/90 in the K-12 division at the annual State Scholastics. What do you prefer?


chesscampeona said...

well that is a good question. I am 10-year american that lives in Mexico because my parents own a business here. In Mexico at the national scholastic tournaments the g90 with 30 second increments is basically the norm here. I like playing with those time controls.

WCM Claudia Munoz
4th grade

P.S. Today friday I will be playing in a g90 tournament at 8:00 pm at in the "mexico" room. I round today and 1 round sunday. I invite all.

John McCumiskey said...

Even though I organize and direct events that are 30/90 G/60, I personally prefer playing in the 40/120 G/60 events (i.e., the US Open). I do not recall seeing this time control (other than the Concord US Open) since I moved to the Sacramento area over 20 years ago.

fpawn said...

Claudia: The FIDE time control of G/90 with 30 second increment is not so common in Northern California and the rest of the United States. While I have played three tournaments with 30 second increment, I would imagine most of the readers of this blog have not.

John: The original People's Tournament in Berkeley was scheduled as a 40/120, G/60 event. It has traditionally used the six hour time control. When the tournament had to move south to Santa Clara, the time control shortened to the more common 30/90, G/60.

Anonymous said...

I would like more opinions from people who have played in tournaments that "add 30 seconds at the start of each move"; or even 60 seconds.

I played in a Washington (state) tournament that used 60 second added increments. I generally like the idea, but...

...I am most certain that 5 second increments are unwise - unsound - [put more negative adjectives here].

Recurring time controls and adjourned games make life hard for everybody. So the last time control should be SD/Amount; or Game/Amount as the only time control is okay if the added increment is large enuf.

GeneM ...for FRC-chess960 said...

I enjoy slower time controls and my sister Barbara likes faster time controls.
Ideal for me, I like 30/90 G/60.
I also like 5 second time increment. It makes a difference in the end game!