Friday, February 29

Poll Results: Tournament Time Controls

My first poll has now closed after 8 days. Thank you to all of you who voted for your favorite tournament time controls. The poll received a total of 71 votes.

  1. 30/90, G/60 at 41%
  2. 40/120, G/60 at 31%
  3. G/60 - G/90 at 21%
  4. G/30 - G/45 at 7%
The two slowest options proved far more popular than rapid time controls. Fully 72% of the votes went to time controls that last 5-6 hours, while the fastest option of G/30 - G/45 saw the least support at merely 7%. These results are a bit surprising because of the popularity of one-day G/45 type tournaments on a monthly basis at both the Mechanics' Institute and in Santa Clara. I believe this unscientific poll suggests that many local chess players and parents now seek variety from the monthly schedule of G/45 events, preferring longer games at some more "serious" events.

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