Saturday, December 6

Chess Life Online Interview with IM Shankland

(This photo from the official World Youth website shows Sam playing in the final round. He is white against GM Quang Liem Le on the second board from the bottom.)

Check out this extensive interview that IM Sam Shankland gave to Chess Life Online. Most of the article concentrates on the World Youth Festival in Vietnam, where Sam tied for first U18 and thereby earned the bronze medal. While you are reading the story, make sure to answer the following six reading comprehension questions.
  1. How did a Frisbee change the course of Sam's life?
  2. What form of transportation do the Vietnamese use to get to the beach?
  3. Which variation of the Sicilian defense was Sam afraid of playing as black?
  4. Sam values the chess books by which author like gold?
  5. T or F: White wins by force in the Dragon by quickly pushing his g- and h-pawns.
  6. T or F: According to the article, some people say that Sam is now overrated.
Do you want to show Sam how much you admire him? Email me all six correct answers and I will publish your first name and last initial right here on the blog. Send the answers to michael AT fpawn DOT com by Friday evening, December 12.
All six answers correct
: Bob C, Colin M.

In addition, Sam annotated all eleven of his games from Vietnam, many in substantial detail. Responding to one interview question, he makes a point about the importance of annotating your games. If you too want to some day become a master or even an International Master, then print out the article and carefully play through these games.

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