Monday, August 4

Anand Crushes Carlsen in Mainz

(The arbiter stands between the players at the start of the first game. Anand is playing with the white pieces against Carlsen. This photo was copied from the official website.)

In a showdown that many chess aficionados have been waiting for months, World Champion Vishy Anand blew away wunderkind Magnus Carlsen by a tally of 2.5-0.5. This match, played at a rapid time control of G/20 plus a 5 second increment per move, was the highlight of the Chess Classic Mainz 2008 in Germany. It pitted the world's top ranked player against the rapidly rising 17 year old star; the reigning World Champion against a likely contender for the title in the next few years.

Surprisingly, the match was quite lopsided in favor of the Indian superstar. Anand impressively won the first two games and drew the third to clinch the match. They played a fourth game, but it was merely a short draw. Click on the links below to Chess Publisher's java game viewer.

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