Monday, May 9

Panchanatham Leads Harker to Victory

National High School Champions from The Harker School.
Top board FM Panchanatham at left. (credit: Greg Shahade)

This post comes about five weeks too late.  As they say, better late than never.

Congratulations to The Harker School for winning the National High School Championship in Atlanta, and to their top board FM Vignesh Panchanatham for earning first place on tiebreaks in the individual standings!  Local rival IM Kesav Viswanadha defeated Vignesh in round 6, but took the second place trophy after tragically losing in round 7.  Bay Area representatives came home with four of the Top 10 trophies in the final standings.  Veni!  Vidi!  Vici!

The following list shows Northern California trophy winners at High School Nationals.

IM Viswanadha
(credit: Greg Shahade)
  • The Harker School (San Jose) team = CHAMPIONS
  • Monta Vista High School (Cupertino) team = 4th

  • FM Vignesh Panchanatham (Harker) 1st and co-champ
  • IM Kesav Viswanadha (MVHS) 2nd and co-champ
  • NM Siddharth Banik 8th
  • NM Michael Wang (Harker) 10th
  • Richard Yi (Harker) 20th
  • NM Andrew Hong 36th
  • Evan Lohn (Harker) 1st Unrated
  • Richard Wang (Harker) 2nd Unrated

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