Tuesday, May 17

CalChess Denker and Barber Qualifiers

NM Michael Wang (credit: @USChess)

Near the end of yet another school year, many students look forward to a relaxing summer vacation.  For two local  chess juniors, this summer includes a trip to Indianapolis to represent Northern California at the Denker and Barber Invitationals from July 30 to August 2.  After five competitive rounds over two days, the results are in.

The Denker Qualifier (grades 9-12 only) saw 5 masters and 4 experts battle for the ticket to Indy.  Half of the games were drawn and all but one of the masters finished undefeated.  Nonetheless, one player managed to separate himself from the field to take clear first.  Congratulations to 9th grader NM Michael Wang for a strong performance!

The Barber Qualifier (grades K-8) attracted 27 enthusiastic and talented participants, including a trio of masters.  Alas, all three masters tasted defeat on the first day (rounds 1-3) and were out of contention.  In the final round, a 5th grader faced a 3rd grader for all the marbles.  The game ended in a draw, allowing 5th grader Balaji Daggupati to claim clear first.  Well done!

The Denker Invitational began in 1985, with each state naming one High School representative (Northern and Southern California are considered separate states).  The Barber Invitational for K-8 started in 2011.  Thanks to the late GM Arnold Denker, his family and Dewain Barber for sponsoring and organizing these two national championships.

Best of luck to Michael and Balaji in Indy!

CalChess Denker and Barber Participants

  • 2016: Michael Wang --------------------- Balaji Daggupati
  • 2015: Vignesh Panchanatham ---------- Rayan Taghizadeh
  • 2014: Colin Chow -------------------------- Siddharth Banik
  • 2013: Hunter Klotz-Burwell --------------- Vignesh Panchanatham (co-champion!
  • 2012: Sudarshan Seshadri --------------- Udit Iyengar
  • 2011: Nicholas Karas ---------------------- Neel Apte
  • 2010: Steven Zierk (champion!)   
  • 2009: Evan Sandberg   
  • 2008: Steven Zierk   
  • Balaji Daggupati
  • 2007: Nicolas Yap   
  • 2006: Daniel Schwarz   
  • 2005: Nicolas Yap   
  • 2004: Benjamin Tejes   
  • 2003: Monty Peckham   
  • 2002: Benjamin Haun   
  • 2001: none
  • 2000: Micah Fisher-Kirshner   
  • 1999: Vinay Bhat   
  • 1998: Vinay Bhat   
  • 1997: Dmitry Zilberstein   
  • 1996: Dmitry Zilberstein   
  • 1995: Adrian Keating-Clay   
  • 1995: Jennie Frenklakh (extra player)   
  • 1994: Dmitry Zilberstein (champion!)   
  • 1993: Peter Lee   
  • 1992: Adrian Keating-Clay   
  • 1991: Alan Stein (champion!)    
  • 1990: Andrew McManus   
  • 1989: Andrew McManus   
  • 1988: Kash Patel   
  • 1987: Andrew McManus   
  • 1986: Peter Yu   
  • 1985: none

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