Friday, August 2

NorCal Top 20 Masters

GM Sam Shankland in Ningbo, China
FM Yian Liou in Chongqing, China.

Check out the Top 20 Masters in Northern California ranked by their August USCF or FIDE rating.  The top 7 names are identical, and should be familiar to the readers.  The young stars GM Sam Shankland, GM-elect Daniel Naroditsky and FM Yian Liou spent the summer trotting across the country (St. Louis, New York and Washington DC) and flying around the globe (China, Spain, Germany and Latvia), at each destination playing the royal game and representing the USA.

Unfortunately, there are no juniors under age 16 to be found on the international rankings, and just one on the national list.  Indeed, I count merely five players (six on USCF) under age 30, with four of those near the top.  Perhaps we should investigate the "graying of California chess masters" under 2475 USCF or 2400 FIDE.  The Nachwuchs, currently represented only by 13-year old NM Colin Chow, better arrive soon!

Rank Name USCF Name FIDE
1 GM Shankland, Sam 2673 GM Shankland, Sam 2599
2 GM DeFirmian, Nick 2586 GM DeFirmian, Nick 2509
3 GM-e Naroditsky, Daniel 2570 GM-e Naroditsky, Daniel 2503
4 IM Zierk, Steven 2543 IM Zierk, Steven 2485
5 GM Browne, Walter 2525 GM Browne, Walter 2454
6 FM Liou, Yian 2491 FM Liou, Yian 2402
7 SM Sharma, Arun 2478 SM Sharma, Arun 2398
8 IM Zilberstein, Dmitry 2454 IM DeGuzman, Ricardo 2397
9 IM Mezentsev, Vladimir 2441 IM Donaldson, John 2390
10 IM DeGuzman, Ricardo 2439 IM Zilberstein, Dmitry 2389
11 IM Pruess, David 2431 IM Mezentsev, Vladimir 2364
12 IM Donaldson, John 2413 IM Pruess, David 2363
13 IM Kaufman, Ray 2408 IM Kaufman, Ray 2326
14 NM Ishkhanov, Tigran 2379 NM Ishkhanov, Tigran 2314
15 IM Tate, Emory 2362 IM Winslow, Elliott 2300
16 NM Manvelyan, Hayk 2340 IM Tate, Emory 2284
17 FM Lee, Andy 2316 FM Cusi, Ronald 2272
18 NM Chow, Colin 2313 NM Manvelyan, Hayk 2270
19 FM Porter, Ryan 2308 FM Cunningham, Robin 2266
20 IM Winslow, Elliott 2280 FM Lee, Andy 2260


Anonymous said...

Sam Sevian?

Michael Aigner said...

Sam Sevian no longer lives in Northern California. He and his family haven moved to Massachusetts. The last I heard, he was sparring with Jorge Sammour-Hasbun.