Friday, August 2

NorCal Top 20 FIDE Rated Juniors

Chess Punks learning from Daniel Naroditsky in 2010. From left to right:
Vignesh Panchanatham, Allan Beilin, Danya, Kesav Viswanadha and
Cameron Wheeler. Three of the students are now masters themselves.
NM Colin Chow, photo by Shorman
A new wave of talented Bay Area juniors has begun filling the highest level.  A year and a half ago, there were only four local young masters.  Today, eight have broken the magical 2200 USCF mark, and the trend promises to continue. The Chess Punks of 2010 have grown into the Chess Masters of 2013.

However, the international FIDE ratings lag up to 200 points behind the national USCF ratings.  The sheer number of underrated youngsters has transformed FIDE points into a precious commodity at local events.  I counted an incredible 40 NorCal kids who have earned a published FIDE rating, yet more than half are rated below 2000.  Most shocking to me: the youngest two were born in 2005!

Kudos to NM Colin Chow for gaining an impressive 100 FIDE points in the past 8 months.  His USCF rating also rocketed up to 2324.  Well done making the Sacramento Chess Club proud!

Rank Name FIDE
1 GM-e Naroditsky, Daniel 2503
2 FM Liou, Yian 2402
3 FM Wheeler, Cameron 2176
4 NM Chow, Colin 2162
5 Ruddell, Solomon 2136
6 NM Viswanadha, Kesav 2134
7 nm Liu, Daniel 2095
8 Apte, Neel 2082
9 Tong, Benjamin 2081
10 Beilin, Allan 2075
11 Jirasek, Ladia 2064
12 NM Panchanatham, Vignesh 2058
13 NM Zhu, Jack 2056
14 Shin, Kyle 2046
15 Klotz-Burwell, Hunter 2020
16 Nagarajan, Pranav 2012
17 Cao, Joshua 2007
18 FM Vasudeva, Tanuj 2000
19 Iyengar, Udit 1993
Handigol, Abhishek

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Allan Beilin is also a master now!