Sunday, July 28

Denker, Barber and Girls Invitationals

Hunter Klotz-burwell
NM Vignesh Panchanatham
The 114th US Open kicked off this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.  Only ten participants have signed up from Northern California, a somewhat smaller number than past years.

Three invitational side events will attract more local interest.  The prestigious Denker Tournament of High School Champions operates as a competition between the state scholastic champions of all 50 states.  Click for a historical perspective.  The field seems especially strong this year, with 11 players rated over 2300 USCF!  The Barber Invitational extends the same experience to the top K-8 players in each state.  Here the competition also promises to be fierce, with 8 masters in attendance.  Finally, the National Girls Invitational offers the same format to one girl from each state.

The official CalChess representatives are: Hunter Klotz-burwell in Denker, NM Vignesh Panchanatham in Barber, and Audrey Zhao for the Girls.  Each qualified at state scholastic championship events earlier this year.  Best of luck to all three!

NEWS FLASH!  Vignesh Panchanatham tied for first in the Barber Invitational!  He scored 5.0 out of 6, including 2.5 in 3 games against fellow masters.  Bravo!

Apparently the Texas Chess Association has the only website with live games.  Unfortunately, they can only broadcast eight boards total.

Dewain Barber
FINAL Results (after round 6)
  • Hunter = 3.0 and tied for 20th in Denker -- tough pairings: 0.5/3 against 2300 average masters
  • Vignesh = 5.0 and CO-CHAMPION in Barber -- 4-way tie for 1st and 2.5/3 versus masters
  • Audrey = 3.5 and tied for 9th in Girls

Many thanks to Dewain Barber of Southern California for the required inspiration and perspiration to bring these special events to fruition each year. 

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