Friday, July 26

Chess in the Local Newspapers

The tension in the room is high, and not a move is being made. Players sit across from each other, their brows furrowed as they ponder their next step. Digital clocks count down the remaining time in the game. A few curious onlookers and players roam from game to game, analyzing strategies.

Welcome to the world of competitive chess.

Last weekend saw Bay Area Chess, an organization that provides weekly chess tournaments and camps, host the People's Tournament. The three-day event in Santa Clara drew 150 adult competitors and nearly 100 youth. ... The tournament afforded the younger players both practice and a view of the adult and advanced competitors.

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Modesto kids went pawn to pawn against some the top youth chess players in the nation this summer — and lost. But while the Bret Harte Chess Club left that first tournament without trophies, parents said, what they brought back was worth far more: confidence, skill and persistence.

A fifth-place trophy earned this weekend stands tall in the school library where they practice.

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Read an editorial commending chess teachers.

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